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Class Author Days
JS Image to ANSI
Convert an image pixels to ANSI colour codes
By 9
Zebra Date Picker
jQuery plugin to let the user pick dates
By Romania 9
iFSM Animation
Animate elements with parameters from attributes
By France 27
Jam Rules
Match objects against a list of rules
By France 31
jQuery Clock Plugin
Display a clock inside a dom element
By Italy 43
Vanilla JS Require
Require classes in a Web browser and Node.js
By Brazil 53
AMC JavaScript Audio Player HTML5
DIsplay an audio player with surround support
By Switzerland 53
Get avatar image for an Ethereum address
By Slovenia 53
JavaScript Spin Wheel Game
Display a wheel that rotates until it is stopped
By India 53
React JS SVG Library
Generate animated graphics in SVG using React JS
By Spain 53