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Manipulate arrays with an SQL-like language
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XBSDB - Cross-Browser JavaScript Database library

Welcome to XBSDB

First of all, thanks a lot for downloading XBSDB, I hope this software can 
be useful for you.
XBSDB is free software, released under GNU GPL Licence version 3
(see COPYING file for details)

In short

XBSDB is the tool to operate with data arrays in your JavaScript code like with SQL-data.

XBSDB stores, arranges and selects data in your scripts. You can insert, delete, update and 
select records, you can use indexes to make a selection faster. JSON-based methods allow you 
to prepare data on one side (browser or web-server) and to load them on other one 
(web-server or browser).

Using of XBSDB allows to move some database operations from web-server to client machine and 
to reduce number of web-server requests.

Main feature of XBSDB is the speed of 'select' operation by complex WHERE-condition. 
XBSDB parses WHERE-expression to simple conditions tree once only, then this tree is used 
to reduce numbers of records to process per each condition. 
Indexes helps to reduce numbers of records to process also.

XBSDB consists of 2 parts - for browser and for web-server. Browser part is the core, 
web-server part just prepares data for exchange. 
Browser part is JavaScript code, web-server part is presented in 2 equivalent variants 
in Perl and PHP. 


Documentation is available in English and Russian in 'doc' subdirectory.
Please see it for details.

Alexey Znayev, 2010, znaeff@mail.ru