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Class: Javascript MKV Parser
JavaSParse and extract informationcript MKV Parser
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Sort of "Mediainfo" for MKV / WebM Files - little MKVParser (just for main technics information about the file)

Dependances : null

Usage :

<script src="MKVInfo.js" type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8"></script> 
(in single file .html)

(in worker)

How use it :

        mkv(this.files[0], function(err, info) {
            if (err) {
            } else {
                sortie_texte = human_reading(info);

MKVInfo return an object structured (named 'info') wich contains a lot of technicals information about the file. If we want to read this informations, we need to make them readable. So human_reading is here !

Examples :

for a single file and no worker : index.html
for multiple files and worker   : indexw.html

Optimisations ?

Oh Yesssss ! MKVInfo does not calculate the size of each stream because it's too heavy (too slow !). 
The main optimisation to do is to use a buffer (in this version MKVInfo use a little buffer of 20 bytes length !)

Try it ?   (multiple + worker + use MKVInfo.min.js)    

Troubles with Firefox or Internet Explorer ?

Try index.html ! (indexw.html is good with Chrome ^_^ )   
WHY ? Because Firefox don't recognize Matroska files (or Webm file) as mime-type = 'video/x-matroska' or 'video/webm' but as mime-type = 'application/force-download' !

Evolutions :

In order to deal with "callbacks hell", I used async/await for clearing code (no more stack troubles :-)
Now, for multiple files, workers do the job with some kind of "parallelism" : gain half time !