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Class: jQuery TypeByLetter
Make string of text appear letter by letter
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/* JQuery TypeByLetter Plugin Version 2.0.1 source : /TypeByLetter.plugin.js dependency: jQuery TypeByLetter is a JQuery plugin for simulating a "typing effect" on an element. It supports using text already in the element, or through its {content} option. Current Available Options: {speed} - (int) Sets the time break in milliseconds between letters being written to the element. DEFAULT: 100 {content} - (plain text -or- JQuery .text()) Specifies the text that will be written to the specified element. This can be a JQuery selector such as: $('p#text').text(). DEFAULT: $(this).text() {append} - (bool) Specifies whether the text appends to the element (true), or if it erases the elements html before writing (false). DEFAULT: false {callback} - (function) Function to be run once the typing is done. */