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Class: Call Me
Establish video chat communications between users
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Fix Firefox video stream, fullscreen error
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CallMe Video chat application

CallMe is a very simple Video chat application

- Very simple usage - Some importan options - Quick implementation - Registration with profile image - Password reminder

[CallMe] - Online Demo

<img src = "Capture.JPG"/>

Version - Fix Firefox video stream, fullscreen error


0.0.2 - MSSQL Server Database support


0.0.1 Requirements

  • PHP Webserver 5.5 Or above
  • MYSQL Database


  • Copy whole folder (callme) to your web server.
  • Register on [PeerJS] website. Obtain your peer key.
  • Fill the config.php with yours details.
  • Start application
  • After first launch, auto creating table 'callme_users' in the database


  • Create user (register)
  • Sign in with existing user
  • Clikc another user on the left panel
  • Press call button


  • Mute outgoing voice
  • Disable outgoing video
  • Go fullscreen

config.php (in folder callme)

$_SESSION['cfg'] = array(
	'SQL_CONN' => 'mysql:host=HOST;dbname=DB_NAME;charset=utf8', 
	'SQL_USER' => 'USER', 
	'SQL_PASS' => 'PASS',
	//sqlsrv connect :
	//'SQL_CONN' => 'sqlsrv:Server=SERVER;Database=DB_NAME', 
	//'SQL_USER' => null, 
	//'SQL_PASS' => null,

Planned updates

v.0.0.3 - Only own contact showed - Search among users by name Or email - Send contact request - Accept or deny request

v.0.0.4 - Sending Message to another user (Chat)

Used plugins, frameworks etc:

  • [jQuery]
  • [Bootstrap]
  • [PeerJS]


MIT Author: Tóth András

2015-01-20 [jQuery]: [CallMe]: [PeerJS]: [Bootstrap]: