File: app/views/example-custom-messages.pug

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File: app/views/example-custom-messages.pug
Role: Auxiliary data
Content type: text/plain
Description: Auxiliary data
Class: JS Form Validation Library
Validate form inputs of many types
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doctype html html head title Form Validator meta(type="author", content="David Norminton") meta(name="viewport",content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0") link(rel="stylesheet", href="/css/style.css") body header h1 Example : using custom error / success messages #alert form#form-1(name="myForm", action="", method="POST") div label Email span.message input#email(type="email") div label Confirm Email span.message input#email-check(data-vf="confirm", type="email") div label Date span.message input#check-date(type="date") div label Number span.message input#check-number(type="number") div label Url span.message input#check-url(type="url") input#form-submit(type="submit") script(src="/js/form-valid.js") script. ValidateForm.init('myForm') .setMsg( 'emailsMatch' , 'Good Match') .setMsg( 'emailsNoMatch', 'oops not the same') .setMsg( 'inValidEmail', 'What kind of email is that?') .setMsg( 'validEmail', 'I like that email') .setMsg( 'isNumber' , 'yup thats a number') .setMsg( 'isNotNumber', 'try entering a number instead') .setMsg( 'isNotDate', 'What kind of date is that') .setMsg( 'isDate', 'I remember that day well') .setMsg( 'isUrl', 'Valid url') .setMsg( 'isNotUrl', 'not sure thats a website') //ValidateForm.msgOff(); //ValidateForm.tickCross('message'); //ValidateForm.globalMsg('alert'); //ValidateForm.debug('settings');