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File: document.txt
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Class: JS Form Validation Library
Validate form inputs of many types
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form-valid.js <script src="form-valid.js"></script> Initiate form validator <script> ValidateForm.init('myForm'); </script> Add a <span> with a class above the input in the input add an attribute "data-vf" ---- this contains a comma seperated list : ------------first add type of data to check for ------------ email = check valid email -------------email-confirm = check confirm email is equal to original email -------------password = password -------------password-confirm = check passwords are equal -------------number = check for a valid number -------------date = check for a valid date -------------url = check for a valid url set custom error and success messages ValidateForm.setMsg('emailsMatch', 'Great match'); in the form of input-check , 'MESSAGE' valid fields : --------emailsMatch = 'When the two emails match' --------emailsNoMatch = 'when the two emails don't match' --------inValidEmail = 'When the email is invalid' --------validEmail = 'emails match' note : ensure submit doesn't have an id of submit will prevent form from submitting when valid --------at least 8 characters --------at least 1 number --------at least 1 lowercase character (a-z) --------least 1 uppercase character (A-Z)