File: app/css/pie/PIE.php

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File: app/css/pie/PIE.php
Role: Auxiliary data
Content type: text/plain
Description: Auxiliary data
Class: Hackernews Vue
View information from Hackernews using Vue.js
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Date: 5 years ago
Size: 613 bytes


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This file is a wrapper, for use in PHP environments, which serves using the
correct content-type, so that IE will recognize it as a behavior.  Simply specify the
behavior property to fetch this .php file instead of the .htc directly:

.myElement {
    [ ...css3 properties... ]
    behavior: url(PIE.php);

This is only necessary when the web server is not configured to serve .htc files with
the text/x-component content-type, and cannot easily be configured to do so (as is the
case with some shared hosting providers).

header( 'Content-type: text/x-component' );
include( '' );