New Object alerts and site speedup

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Recently the site had a few issues fixed that are worth noting, specifically about new class object alerts not being sent, the site terms of use, database server migration, compressed pages, and cookies not being accepted by some browsers.

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* New object alert messages

* Site terms of use

* Database server migration

* Compressed pages

* Cookies not being accepted by some browsers

* New object alert messages

The site sends new object alert messages when new packages are published. These alerts are on by default for all accounts. However, due to a bug, the site preset new accounts to turn these alerts off.

This means that, despite there were already several new packages being published, you may not have received any alert messages when they were published.

If this was your case and you want to get the new class alert messages, please go to the user options page, click on the E-mail and newsletters tab, check the New class alerts options and then use the Submit changes button to update your account.

You also may want to check out all the published packages in the latest entries page: ...

* Site terms of use

Another missing aspect was the site terms of use that were not defined. This was fixed and now you will be prompted to agree with the site terms of use next time you login in the site. It is not a big deal, just the same terms of use of the PHPClasses site.

* Database server migration

Other than that, the PHPClasses site database was migrated to a newer version which us the same as the one where the JSClasses database is hosted.

This means that the old database server will be shutdown and it will stop consuming excessive resources which were making the server slower.

* Compressed pages

Additionally, the pages of the JSClasses and Icontem sites were not being compressed. Compression is turned on now. Along with the database server migration, these measures will make the sites a bit slower than before.

* Cookies not being accepted by some browsers

Finally, some users of browsers using WebKit, namely Apple Safari and Google Chrome, may be having a problem of cookies not being accepted. This is due to an odd unexpected interpretation of those browsers of what is a third-party cookie.

The site sets session cookies within an iframe. However, those browsers assume those cookies are from third party sites because the cookies are set to all sub-domains of and . Other browsers do not take these cookies as third party cookies, so they accept them normally.

Anyway, a workaround is being implemented to make the browser take cookies on the top browser window when the session cookie in the iframe is not being accepted.

Meanwhile, if you are having a problem to login due to cookie issues, go in your browser options and make sure it has the option to accept third party cookies from these sites.

Just let me know if you experience any other problems.

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